Tunnel Decks

Slalom, downhill, pool and street – Tunnel made skateboard decks for every situation. Surfboard shaper Mitch Haake and his partner Michael McCreary put their skills to work developing decks of many types of construction – fiberglass laminate, solid maple, solid oak "beam" style, solid birch, and maple and birch ply laminate. All served a different purpose and all had the mystique of being an official Tunnel product.

The new Tunnel decks are still the highest quality construction and based on original Tunnel shapes and styles.

Tunnel Comp Longboard Deck
$90 deck only, $185 complete

Width: 9.25"
Length: 38"
Wheelbase: 27.25"
Camber, 6 Ply Maple, Polymer Weave
Black Only

Based on a 1976 Tunnel design, the Tunnel Comp has taken the best of the original - camber, cutout wheel clearance, and high quality US construction - and added new touches such as concave and an advanced polymer fiber weave on top and bottom.  There are graphics top and bottom and clear grip on top that allows the Tunnel logo to really pop.  Throw on some Tunnel wheels and seek out some hills - this thing carves like a monster! 
Pressed in California.

Black Tunnel Comp - Set-up with Tunnel Tarantula Wheels
Tunnel Old School Longboard
$70 deck and grip, $165 complete

38” long
9.5” wide
23” wheelbase
4” nose
7” tail

The “Old School” combines old school styling with modern performance. It’s a 7-ply maple board, pressed in California, with wheel wells all the way around. The shape is old school through and through, totally unique and totally Tunnel, with graphics based on an amazing Bobby Smith 1976 photo. Great for hills or simply cruising the sidewalk.
Pressed in California

Tunnel Old School Longboard

Baldy Pipeline Deck
$65 deck and grip, $139 complete

Width: 8.5"
Length: 31.5"
Wheelbase: 17"
Single Kick, 7 Ply Maple, Wheelwells

A favorite spot of Tunnel riders like Doug Schneider, Waldo Autry and others, the Baldy Pipeline is one of the most famous pipes of the '70s. This 31.5" deck is based on a Tunnel shape but with a touch of modern concave, has a die-cut grip tape, and is screened top and bottom with true old school graphics. Perfect for cruising or old school tricks. Pressed in California.

Baldy Pipeline deck

'70s Retro Tunnel Deck
$62 deck and grip, $139 complete

Width:  8"
Length: 28"
Wheelbase: 15"
Single Kick, 7 Ply Maple, Wheelwells

Why is it that after so many years, the original shapes still look best?  A perfect backpack skateboard, this one is based on an original Tunnel deck but updated with a touch of concave for modern performance.  The '70s Retro Tunnel Deck is silk-screened with the original Tunnel logo on both top and bottom and features die-cut grip tape. 
Pressed in California.

Blue Tunnel Retro Deck

Tunnel "Marshall Coben" Signature Deck $62 deck and grip, $139 complete

Width: 7.5"
Length: 26"
Single Kick, 7 Ply Maple, Wheelwells

This deck is based on an old Tunnel shape and designed under the eye of Team Tunnel’s Marshall Coben.  Santa Monica skateboarder and skateboard high-jump champion Marshall Coben started on Zephyr before joining Tunnel in 1977.  The 26" mini is a great shape, with die-cut grip, has a touch of concave and is screened with a graphic based on Marshall's expertise bombing down dirt hills barefoot.  Look for Marshall in the 1976 surf and skate classic movie "Go For It!"
Pressed in California.

Red Tunnel Marshall Coben with 75A Rocks

To purchase Tunnel decks, please contact Tunnel at info@tunnelskateboards.com