Tunnel Stickers

Tunnel “Space Tape” Stickers

Specifications: 4” by 1”

These flashback stickers are printed on ‘70s style holographic tape, just like the legendary Tunnel stickers sported by every skater who was somebody in the ‘70s.  Look through old issues of SkateBoarder and you’ll see them on helmets and decks.  Comes in 5 colors (white, blue, red, pink, gold) and 3 versions (Tunnel Rocks, Tunnel Surf & Skate, Tunnel Since 1975).  Collect them all and let the world know that Tunnel Rocks again!

Tunnel Tarantula Stickers

Specifications: 3” Circle

Designed by ace rock poster artist Jason Cooper (www.blackheartstudios.com), these Tunnel Tarantula stickers feature a multi-limbed siren.  They come in yellow, green and blue.  Bold and beautiful!