Tunnel Wheels

For years, skateboarders have known that Tunnel wheels are legendary. Poured in California, Tunnel wheels are the fastest, grippiest, rippingest wheels made. In short, the Tunnel wheels really rock!

Tunnel Rocks Wheels
$42 per set

Tunnel Rocks – From the Bombora Pipe in Norcal to the Dog Bowl in Santa Monica, every skater worth anything rode, or at least dreamed of riding, Tunnel Rocks. Designed by Mitch Haake, the side-set Rock wheels were a fast, smooth wheel known for vert, parks, pools and street. Team Tunnel even rode the versatile wheel over 50 miles per hour at the Signal Hill Speed Run in Southern California.

The 63mm Tunnel Rocks are available everywhere! With “Old School” embossed lettering and hot colors, the Tunnel Rocks will definitely turn heads.

(The higher the durometer number, the harder the wheel.)

The 95A Blue Tunnel Rocks (opaque) are just the thing for parks, pools and pipes. Not only do they look great, they are fast as hell!

The 90A Red Tunnel Rocks (opaque) were made in the same hardness as the original. By skating these Rocks, you can learn for yourself what made the Tunnel name famous among skaters like Waldo, Doug Schneider and pretty much every other pro skater in that era.

The 82A Amber Tunnel Rocks (clear) have that Old School look of raw urethane. A great all-around hardness, put a set on your cruiser and skate back to 1977.

The 78A Red Tunnel Rocks (clear) are the perfect wheel for cruising streets in style. Great for turning and grip, these wheels, with Tunnel chemistry and Tunnel engineering, won’t let you down.

The 77A Black Tunnel Rocks (opaque) ride as good as they look. Amazing grip without sacrificing speed.

The 75A Clear Blue Tunnel Rocks (clear) are the softest of the Tunnel Rocks. They combine great color with an amazing grip. With these softies you can conquer cracks and rough roads.


Rock - 95A Blue (opaque)

Rock - 90A Red (opaque)
Rocks - 82A Amber (clear)
Rocks - 78A Red (clear)
Rocks - 77A Black (opaque)
Rocks - 75A Blue (clear)

Tunnel “STR” Racing Wheels
$45 per set

Due to demand for a racing version of our wheels, Tunnel offers wheels with an extremely high-rebound racing urethane that maximizes speed and grip.

The “STR” – Speed Through Research - urethane formula optimizes the performance of our wheels. In other words, these wheels are fast!


The 78A Yellow/Orange STR Tunnel Rocks are firm and fast. Plenty of grip and plenty fast.

The 76A Green/Yellow STR Tunnel Rocks are not only fast and grippy wheels, they look great too!

Tunnel Rocks 78A - STR Racing
Tunnel Rocks 76A - STR Racing

Tunnel Tarantula Wheels
$45 per set

Tunnel Tarantulas – The design process for the 70 mm Tunnel Tarantula wheel brought together the top skateboard engineers, riders, and those of us at Tunnel.

Our Tarantula Wheels are poured in Huntington Beach, California of extremely high quality urethane and have the rebound and grip that skateboarders crave. An off-set bearing placement with a core results in quick turning and the Tarantula Wheel features the Tunnel specialty, an outside “Tunnel” lip that grips the road like no other design. With a height of 70 mm and a width of 52 mm, it’s a great size for conquering any hill.

With awesome sticker design and wheel lettering by ace rock poster artist Jason Cooper, the Tarantula wheels come in four color/hardness combinations…

The 84A Orange Tunnel Tarantulas (opaque) are hard and fast. For smooth surfaces, they’re just the thing!

The 82A Amber Tunnel Tarantulas (clear) are fast and firm. A great wheel for those who want speed, grip and slide. Check ‘em out!

The 78A Red Tunnel Tarantulas (clear) are a perfect, all-around longboard wheel. Grippy. Fast. And a beautiful old school red!

The 77A Black Tunnel Tarantulas (opaque) are soft and smooth, and give you an amazing ride.

The 75A Blue Tunnel Tarantulas (clear) offer maximum grip. But unlike other soft longboard wheels, the clear blue Tarantulas are plenty fast!


Tarantula - 84A Orange (opaque)
Tarantula - 82A Amber (clear)
Tarantula - 80A Red (opaque)
Tarantula - 78A Red (clear)
Tarantula - 77A Black (opaque)
Tarantula - 75A Blue (clear)

Tunnel “STR” Racing Tarantula Wheels
$49 per set

Tunnel “STR” Racing Tarantula Wheels – This racing version of the 70mm Tunnel Tarantula features the STR Racing Urethane. Try a set and get ready to roll!

The 78A Yellow/Orange STR Tunnel Tarantulas offer plenty of grip with a high top speed. You won’t be disappointed.

The 76A Green/Yellow STR Tunnel Tarantulas are not only fast and grippy wheels, they look great too!


Tarantula 78A - STR Racing

Tarantula 76A - STR Racing
Tunnel Funnel Wheels
$45 per set

The growing demand for a larger Tunnel wheel resulted in the Tunnel Funnel, a 77mm wheel with the same quality and urethane as the other Tunnel wheels. The Tunnel Funnels are poured in Huntington Beach, California of high rebound Tunnel urethane and are a perfect combination of speed and grip. The Tunnel Funnels feature an off-set bearing placement with a core. 77mm high and 52mm wide.

The 78A Red Funnels (clear) are a great wheel for your longboard. Quick and responsive for a large wheel, and poured in Tunnel’s famous old school red.

The 75A Blue Funnels (clear) are soft and fast!

Funnel 78A - Red (clear)
Funnel 75A - Blue (clear)
Tunnel “STR” Racing Funnel Wheels
$48 per set

These wheels are poured in our STR Racing Urethane.

78A Yellow/Orange STR Tunnel Funnels grip galore, speed galore. Need we say more?

The 76A Green/Yellow STR Tunnel Funnels can corner like crazy at high speeds. Definitely worth a look!

Funnel 78A - STR Racing
Funnel 76A - STR Racing

Tunnel Rocks Park Killers
54mm - $32 per set
57mm - $33 per set

In 2005, Tunnel re-released the Tunnel Rocks, an iconic wheel that dominated parks, pools, tunnels and streets back in 1976. The Rocks rocked – they were rock hard wheels that were fast as hell!

Ever since the 2005 re-release, skateboarders have been demanding a modern Tunnel Rock wheel. So using top skateboard pros, we got to work testing urethane formulas, trying different sizes and compounds before finally finding the perfect combo.

The result … Tunnel Rocks Park Killers - a high-performance park wheel poured in Huntington Beach, California with premium park urethane. With two sizes available, 54mm and 57mm, the Park Killers are hard, fast and definitely worthy of the Tunnel Rock legacy.

Formulated specifically for parks, pools and tunnels, the durable have a core for proper bearing placement, and the Tunnel graphics on the modern Rocks really pop. The Park Killers are resistant to flat-spotting and roll forever.

The wait is finally over. Grab a set of Park Killers, find the nearest pool, park or tunnel, and let the world know Tunnel Rocks

Park Killers
57mm Gel-E-Fish Wheels
$30 per set

Looking to a great cruiser wheel? Then check out the Tunnel Gel-E-Fish wheels, a 57mm softie wheel perfect for rough roads, filming, or simply cruising around town.

Formulated with the famous Tunnel chemistry, the Gel-E-Fish feature a soft and fast 78A urethane. The Tunnel Gel-E-Fish have a core for perfect bearing placement and are poured in Huntington Beach, California.

With art by noted rock poster artist Jason Cooper (www.blackheartstudios.com), the wheel features a Gel-E-Fish, known as much for the sting as their softness.

So if you want some softies for your filmer, street deck or cruiser, look no further.



To purchase Tunnel wheels, please contact Tunnel at info@tunnelskateboards.com
Photo & Design by Cole Kurtz and Brandon Sumney