Bela Horvath

Name? Bela Horvath alias Little Bela.

Born? Parsippany, New Jersey, February 22, 1968.

Famous for…? Being the youngest professional ever to compete in the Hester Series. I competed against the pros in vert. I never placed that high, but the fact that I was 10 and the rest of the guys were like 20 to 22 was amazing. I was the youngest pro at that time.

Gnarliest wipe-out? At the Dog Bowl. My trucks got hooked up on the coping and I went from the top of the pool to the bottom freefall, fell on my head and put a golfball sized nugget on my head.

Tunnel memories? After skating for the team in NorCal, we went to this party and everybody was smoking joints, so I took a couple hits. I got so stoned – totally out of it. I told everyone I need to go lay down. Then I started eating some artichoke. They said that if I ate more artichoke, I would get more stoned. I became so afraid that eating artichokes would get me stoned. It took me years to eat another artichoke!

Favorite skate spot? The Dog Bowl. I was taken there blindfolded so I couldn’t tell anybody where the pool was. That’s where I hooked up with Tony Alva. He taught me to get higher and higher and hit coping. Jay Adams, Jim Muir and Marty Grimes were there.

Other teams you skated for? Pepsi, Alva, and Bela, my own company. Now I skate for ATM.

Still breathing? Yeah, I’m alive! Surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking. I cruise to Mexico, Hawaii to surf. Living in the heat of Arizona sucks.

The crew? Wife Tracy, four kids - son Brennan (1), daughter Cheyenne (13), son Luciano (14), and daughter Sabastian (17).

Tunes? Reggae. Myself, I’m a drummer and even played drums in a group with Tony Alva, the Skoundrelz.

Bela Horvath words to live by? Being honest and having integrity – that’s what I strive for. That way you know did the right thing and you’ll be fine. My life hasn’t always been like that, but it is now.


Bela Horvath of Tunnel - Photo: Bela Horvath, Sr.
Bela with the Pepsi Ramp - Photo: Bela Horvath, Sr.