Bryan Buck

Name? Bryan Buck

Born? March 2, 1960 in San Francisco

Famous for? Vert!

Tunnel memories? I remember driving home with Rick Blackhart late one night. The hood latch was loose. It was really foggy. Suddenly, the hood flies up and into the windshield. Rick doesn’t even blink, doesn’t even slow down. Just sticks his head out the window and keeps driving. Scared the shit out of me!

Favorite skate spots? The Los Altos Pool, the Garlic Bowl, Bombora, the pipes at San Onofre – they were the best I’ve ever ridden!

Gettin’ air? My brother and I had friends who were pilots. We flew around the South Bay taking aerial photos looking for empty pools. We found quite a few that we’d sneak into. Only got busted once or twice.

Other teams? The other guys – Team Santa Cruz.

How I currently make a buck? I’m a mechanical design engineer in Silicon Valley. I also have a passion – cycling and mountain biking. I started my own company making high-strength titanium brake calipers for bicycles.

Family? I’ve been with my wife for 20 years, married for 16, 2 kids, dogs, cats and even pet rats. Rats are very clean and have a great personality.


Bryan Buck at the Clear Ramp, June 1978 - Photo: Gary Medeiros
Bryan Buck at Sacramento, November 1977 - Photo: Gary Medeiros