Conner Wagner

Name? Conner Jiaoyi Foo Wagner but you can call me Wags or Wagner.

Tell us more! Born 1992, Queens Hospital, Honolulu Hawaii but North Shore is the home base.

When Team Tunnel? First member of new Team Tunnel, 2005-present.

Set-up for Team Tunnel? Retro Tunnel deck with Soft Rocks.

Favorite surf/skate spots…? Skate - Steve’s Bowl on the North Shore, Surf - Pipeline, Off the Wall, Backyards.

Favorite skaters? Rodney Mullen and Burnquist.

Favorite surfer? My Uncle Mark Foo.

Other teams you skate for? Ogio, Woodflow, and Gutted.

Four-legged friends? 3 cats 2 dogs.

Grub? Acai Smoothie.

Conner Wagner words to live by? Enjoy life while you still got it!