Craig Plescia

Name? Craig Plescia.

Born? Long Beach, California.

Famous For?           Staying out of the way and moving fast. Signal Hill Speed Run 54 miles an hour.

Set-Up? Unknown. Mitch was in charge of making it happen since he was the most sane of the bunch and that is not saying much.

Contests Won:
Berkeley Slalom back in the day. Very cheesy trophy.

Events: Downhill and slalom.


Any gnarly wipe-outs? Full face plant in Los Gatos, California. Emergency Room eating tacos and arguing about stitches.

Tunnel Memories: Training at Tecate Hot Springs in Baja…Crazy drive to Signal Hill with Mitch and more wildness in Costa Mesa…Luge test run in Torrance when I passed a Porsche in the evening doing high speed downhill on Hawthorne. The driver freaked when I blew by him!

High Speed Downhill? Luge. I had never heard of anyone doing luge before, but it just had to be a cool alternative to tucking or squatting on the board and super control was a great benefit.

Fave Skate Spots: Old Tunnel Road in Berkeley Hills. The Olympic Bob Sled Run in Munich, Germany. Various Pools in SF Bay Area. An airfield in Germany near Stuttgart teaching German Paratroopers how to skateboard - two of them skated in clogs!

Influences: Caffeine, Mitch, and adrenaline.

Still Breathing? A war, motorcycle wrecks, car wrecks, skateboard wrecks, climbing wrecks, bike wrecks. surfing wrecks and a few pins in the arm.

How I Currently Make a Buck: Psychotherapist or panhandling...both have good hours and you meet the same folks.

Kids, Wives, Cats, Dogs, Other Hangers on? Both son and daughter were skateboarders but now just surf.

Groupies: Spacey Spencer, Two Finger Jack, Iron Woman, Monkey Boy and thanks to Reggie Jackson for using his Rolls Royce to tow us back up the hill after a run.

Words to Live By… Throw away the TV, live, skate, surf and DO IT now... don't EVER put it off.