Doug Schneider

Name? Doug Schneider but I also answer to Schneidley, Whiplash and King of the Pipes!

It all started…? July 24, 1958 in San Pedro, California.

Famous for…? I invented the Roll In. Where I rolled along the top of a pool and then ride right in. I first did one at Paramount Skatepark before the first Hester series.

When Team Tunnel? 1977. I was skating Upland with Cassimus, Gregg Ayres and Rodd Saunders at Upland. They said, “You’re on Team Tunnel” and that was it!

Set-up for Team Tunnel? Tracker Trucks, Tunnel Rocks, and I made my own decks out of Baltic birch with fiberglass laminate.

Contests won? South Bay Full-Pipe Contest 1979

Events? Anything vert!

Magazine appearances? I was the first skater to get every kind of shot you can get in SkateBoarder – a cover shot, a full page black and white shot, a full page color shot, a contents page, a focus, a center spread, whatever, I got it.

Favorite skaters? Blackhart for sure, the Badlands guys – Tay Hunt, Kevin “The Worm” Anderson, Strople, Steve Olsen, Kirk Talbot, Kevin Thatcher, Billy Smith.

Other teams you skated for? Kanoa Surf, Tracker Trucks. Kanoa made a board for me – very similar to the shape of my new Tunnel deck.

Still breathing? Once in awhile.

Kids, Wives, Cats, Dogs, Other Hangers on? Bridget (dog), Megan (woman), and Lucky (cat)

Doug Schneider words to live by? Do onto others as you would want others to do onto you.


Doug Schneider at Arizona Downhill, 1977 - Photo: Robert Smith
Doug Schneider at the Fruit Bowl, 1977 - Photo: Robert Smith