Michael McCreary competes in slalom - Photo: courtesy Michael McCreary
Michael McCreary rides downhill at Derby Downs, 1978 - Photo: Glenn C. Ritzma © 2006
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Michael McCreary

Name? Michael McCreary.

You are? Team Tunnel member, former Tunnel co-owner.

What made Tunnel famous? The first wheels were Cadillac, followed by Road Riders. We were right after, and we lucked onto the first wheel that was hard and fast and great for riding vert and pools. We’re talking 1975.

Did you compete yourself? I did downhill speed runs. I skated at Signal Hill in ’76 and ’77 in the stand-up division. Did pretty well and enjoyed the heck out of it. I think I qualified first in the ’76 stand-up and finished tied for second in the ’77 stand-up. ‘Bout 50 miles per hour.

Downhill equipment? I basically made my board that was a huge piece of solid maple. And Mitch had a guy in Oregon who was making custom wheels for us at the time. But really, the big diameter took so long to reach its speed that it wasn’t really good. Later, I rode Tunnel Rocks at Signal Hill.

Which Tunnel Rocks? The original red ones. They were super fast.

I saw a picture of you at Signal Hill with a weight under your board. One time I made a really big board and put a huge lead weight underneath it. It was lead for fishing weights. It was supposed to increase my velocity but I don’t think it was a great idea.

Why not? ‘Cause I wiped bad. And now I had to worry about a huge fishing weight crunching into my head.

Why made Team Tunnel so special? Team Tunnel wasn’t based on money - it was based on the product. The wheel itself is what brought everybody together. Tunnel wheels were by far the best wheels around.