Randal Buck

Name? Randal “Randy” Buck

Introduced to this planet…? May 15, 1958 in Berkeley, California

When Team Tunnel? I would say 1977 to 1978. After that I was on Team Santa Cruz.

Set-Up for Team Tunnel? My focus was slalom. I kinda’ remember a blue fiberglass Tunnel deck with OJs and Independent Trucks.

The need for speed….? A group of us did speed laydown skating. Downhill on King’s Mountain Road from the top of Skyline to the hills above Redwood City. These are steep, windy roads that are tough to drive on, let alone skate. We’d bomb down on regular 30” skateboards with normal trucks, luge style, with tennis shoes covered with goo. That was probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, but somehow I lived to tell about it!

Magazine appearances? Bryan and I both were “Who’s Hot” in SkateBoarder. I’m pretty sure my #1 fan (my mom) has those stashed away somewhere.

How I currently make a buck? I’m a racing car instructor for Skip Barber Racing School and have been for 17 years.

Family? 2 kids, both in college, 1 boy 1 girl, been married for 10 years to my second wife.

Tunes? Jazz. I’m completely at odds with everyone in the skating world. I was turned on by a high school teacher.

Randy Buck words to live by? Be positive and be flexible.

Randy Buck at Sierra Wave, 1977 - Photo: Gary Medeiros
Randy Buck at Modesto, August 1977 - Photo: Gary Medeiros