Steve "Salba" Alba at Winchester , 1978 - Photo: Gary Medeiros

Steve Alba

Name: Steve Alba

AKA: S.A./SAH/Salba

When, where born:   Born in Pomona 1963 at the same hospital as Tom Waits

Year started skating: 1974

Famous for: Skateboarding

When team tunnel: 1st Spring Valley contest

Set-up for team tunnel: Tunnel board with various trucks and red Tunnel rocks

Contests won: Spring Valley, Big-O Hester, Lakewood halfpipe, and years later Basic Bowl deal 2 times and an early Soul Bowl

Events: Mostly backyard pools,pipes ,skateparks and cement action

Gnarliest wipe-out:   Too many..upland hester contest practice slam. 98 stitches, concussion

How did you get on team tunnel? From Blackhart seeing me ride at upland.......

Tunnel memories: All the rad guys rode tunnel Waldo rode for Tunnel my 1st fave skater ever......the Waldo sticker at Baldy pipe is my fave

Magazine appearances: Too many to remember

Favorite skate spots: Kelly Bellmars, Lance's spolier bowl, Ridiculous, any pipes , Upland, Vans combi, backyard pools

Influences: Wally Inouye, Waldo, Doug Schneider, Stacy Peralta, T.A., Jay Adams, Chris Strople, Pineapple Saladino   new guys Adam Parker, Peter Hewitt, the hesh crew

Favorite skaters: new guys Adam Parker, Peter Hewitt, the hesh crew, Kelly Bellmar, Maddog, Serna, Jesse Alba, Farm Boy, Tyco, J.Z., Hawaiian Poolsharks, Adam Morgan

Other teams you skated for: Indy always, G & S, Powerflex, Alva, Lazer, OJ's, Santa Cruz

Still skating? Thought I wasn't?

Still breathing? For a while yet

How i currently make a buck: Skate a little bit

Tunes: Punk rock and rockabilly

Flicks: Freaks by Todd Browning, Dead Man w/ Johnny Depp, horror flicks

Grub: Mexican of course

Words to live by: Lick it