Steve Weston

Name? Steve Weston but better known as Del*13.

Born? November 12, 1951 (yes, 1951!)

Famous for…? Discovering Bombora, one of the world’s greatest skateboard pipes.

Set-Up for Team Tunnel? My all-time favorite pool/pipe set-up was a K-Model (hand-hewn by Kevin Thatcher) with Indy trucks and Tunnel Rocks.

Gnarliest wipeout? At Milpitas skatepark, I heard a loud crack that turned out to be my knee. I rented some crutches and was out 2 weeks. Didn't see a doctor, couldn't afford to.

Tunnel memories? Going to L.A. for the opening of the skatepark in Dogtown. Hung out one night with TA and Jay and others. I don't have to tell you what happened but we had a lot of fun. Jay made me nervous.

Still breathing? Barely

Kids, Wives, Cats, Dogs, Other Hangers on? No kids, thankfully, I'm not mature enough at 54 to raise one. Have my woman, Shari, whom I love deeply, three cats, one cool dog, Duncan, and five horses.

Tunes? Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy, you get it.

Grub? Mexican.

Words to live by? Blackhart to a waitress: "You expect me to eat this shit?"

  Steve "Del 13" Weston kills Bombora, which he discovered
Steve Weston works the magic!