Waldo Autry

Name?  Waldo

AKA? Don Autry

Born… Long Beach 1957

Year Started Skating? It appears to be 1964, my mom has Super 8 film to clue me in.  I jumped over these boxes.

Famous For?  Pipe riding.  I’m the King of the Pipes. 

When Team Tunnel?  1976 until 1978.

Set-Up for Team Tunnel…  Waldo Cloud, Midtracks and Tunnel Rocks.

Contests Won?  I don’t remember.  I was in a slalom contest, a freestyle where I drank beer while competing.  Mitch was flipping out.  Then I downed the whole beer and the crowd went wild.  I was killing it! 

Events?  On the top of my game, I had no competition in pipes and pools.  I was the best around in my zone.

Gnarliest Wipe-Out?  They were all the same.  Fall.  Bleed. Tape it up.   Get back on the board. 

How Did You Get on Team Tunnel?  Good question.  Ask Mitch. 

Tunnel Memories…  After working our asses off at 41st Ave. Skateboard shop, we got to go to the taco stand, have beers and eat tacos and burritos.  Those were amazing burritos.  And who could forget the stewardesses?  And their friends? 

Magazine Appearances?  Bolster held out on anything that was really good because I wouldn’t take off the Skateboard Magazine shirt.  There were some amazing photos he could’ve used.

Favorite Skate Spots?  Riverminitoiletsuperfunnelfruitpipe.

Favorite Skaters?  All y’all know who you are.

Other Teams You Skated For…  Pepsi, Sims, Raco.  I even took the van from Raco and Mitch bought it for me.

Still Skating?  Skating again!  I been racing for ten years.  Be very aware that Waldo will be racing again and after a world title in luge.

Still Breathing:  Yeah.  A very relaxed breath that smells like vitamin V for vodka.

Don "Waldo" Autry at the Weird Bowl, 1977 - Photo: Gary Medeiros
"Queaver" waits as Waldo skates, 1977 - Photo: Gary Medeiros

How I Currently Make a Buck…  I’m doing so many things but still no bucks!

Any kids?  3 children, all from Debbie.  Debbie #1, Debbie #3 and Debbie #5. 

Tunes?  Double Davids – Byrne and Bowie.

Flicks?  5 Summer Stories.  Check it out since I’m in it.

Grub?  Fuji’s avo shrimp taco!  The sauce was the key.

Waldo’s Words to Live By…  Don’t phone yet, there’s more!